The Art of Not Gaining Weight While Drinking

Haven’t you ever experienced a painful choice? Lannisters or Starks? Boxers or trunks? These are only some of our daily choices, but not all of them require the only right answer.

Fortunately, you do not need to make a decision in favor of “slim figure or alcohol beverages” as it is possible to enjoy beer and avoid obtaining a beer belly. I guarantee you. No doubt drinking influences your weight, but it has nothing to do with alcohol contained in it. It is enough to know two vital rules and follow them while drinking.

1. Not Gaining Weight While Drinking: Prefer protein to fat while drinking

To know how this rule works one must begin with the understanding what macronutrients are. All products consumed by people contain at least one of these macronutrients: fat, protein or carbohydrates. They bear specific properties including the quantity of contained calories, their influence on your hunger levels and feeling of fullness etc. and there is only one another substance high in calories – it is alcohol. Speaking about all these substances it is obvious that fat is the most contradictive one. Some people believe that consumed by them fat known as dietary fat is the cause of their obesity, but in reality it is not always so. The case is in interdependence of the consumed and expended fat: one should burn more calories than he consumes even if the diet is high in fat. Nevertheless, if you drink alcohol, the process works in a different way.

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