Concealed carry vest: types, classes of protection

One day everyone may need a bulletproof vest. But it should be understood that such a design will not save life if it is selected incorrectly. The price of a mistake is significant, which is why it is necessary to consider every nuance.

Most often, a concealed carry vest has two layers of protection - a Kevlar fabric running the entire perimeter and a plate, which is necessary to detain a bullet from a machine gun or machine gun. It is important that it has an excellent ventilation and cushioning system (externally represented by inserts, in the form of permanent vertical strips). The fabric from which the protection is made should be waterproof and heat-resistant.

Vest selection criteria

Selecting a flak vest concealed carry, it is necessary to proceed from the likely threat. It is one thing if a man wants to protect himself from his neighbor, with whom he had a quarrel, and he has a hunting gun. And it's quite another thing when you're in the midst of hostilities. So the main question you need to ask yourself when choosing is what the overalls should protect from.

Depending on the answer will be chosen material, weight, thickness and other important parameters of the future design. Be sure to decide on the characteristic:

the required protection class;
whether the person is ready to carry extra pounds;
choose an aramid fiber or something thicker is necessary.


Concealed-wear body armor is considered a very comfortable protection and has the following parameters:

it does not require additional clothing for camouflage;
it does not have various unloading elements (pockets, as well as the systems by which they are attached);
there are no various belts for insurance;
the color does not differ from normal daily clothing;
all fasteners do not protrude and are fastened on the back or sides;
the vest itself is very thin and is fairly easy to pull on the body;
must allow the person to perform at least the simplest actions;
it does not rise up to the chin or protrude when seated at the table.

Types of body armor

Protection that can be worn under garments is divided into these types:

for roomy clothing (cape, jacket, jacket);
for wearing under light and thin clothes (shirt, sweater);
universal, they are recommended to wear under as well as on clothes;
modular and with the possibility of changing the protection class;
disguised as military attire;
camouflaged under outer garments.
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