How to choose a localization and translation contractor

How to choose a localization and translation contractor

The whole world is open today for business development. No geographical restrictions - you can sell your product to foreign consumers even online, without a physical presence in the market. All you need is a website or an application in a foreign language.

However, you need to find a professional contractor for translation and localization. The risk is too big and no mistakes can be made. Especially to translate on your own with no special skills or with the help of free online translators. 

Therefore, the demand for the services of professional translation companies is growing every year. It's not just about localizing products - websites, games or applications. This includes interpretation for negotiations, business communication with partners, large-scale international events, etc. Narrow-profile translations and preparation of legal documents in foreign languages are definitely needed. 

There are many translation companies and localization studios on the market. But not everyone can provide a reliable partner for the development of your business. Let's consider the main criteria that has to be taken into account in order to interact with the contractor to be effective and useful  

Features of a professional localization and translation contractor 

  1. A translation company does not have a fixed price for all its services. The manager would be able to inform you on the cost of translation or localization only after having detailed acquaintance with the terms of reference and your requirements for the project. The price of translation or localization depends on many factors: product, type of translation, language pair, volume and complexity of the text, the availability of specialized terms and scope, urgency, additional options and more. 
  2. A professional translation company forms a separate team of executors for each project, including: project manager, experienced translators, proofreader, editor, technical or narrow specialists depending on the terms of reference and nuances of the order. If necessary, a native marketer, copywriter, etc. may be involved. 
  3. A translation contractor should have a large base of specialists not only in popular languages, but also in rare and underused ones.  This allows to perform complex orders and large-scale projects. And one can get several services in one place without spending time looking for other contractors. 
  4. A professional translation company offers the client an NDA contract, which guarantees the confidentiality of client's information within his project. 
  5. The localization contractor usually has his own website and profiles on social networks with honest feedback from customers and real cases of work performed. 

In order not to make a mistake when choosing a reliable contractor, choose MK: translations - a company providing translation and localization in 80+ languages. These are Ukrainian professionals providing their business services on any continent thanks to many years of experience and an international base of performers. More information about MK: translations services can be found at

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