13 Foods That Fight Constipation

It is recognized that about 14 % of humans have constipation problems at some periods of life.

The usual signs of irregularity are a feeling of incomplete evacuation, straining efforts, having only three stools a week or less, a sensation of blockage and inability to clear bowels.

Each person is different and may experience different kind of problems:

for some people it is a very rare event, while for others it looks like a long-term sickness.

There are plenty of various reasons for constipation, but the results are pretty similar, and they translate into slow transportation of bulks through the gastrointestinal tract. This might happen due to medication, unhealthy diet, dehydrating, health problems and even illnesses connected with nervous system.

Thankfully, there are foods that can fight constipation. Here you can find out about 13 of the most effective ones. 

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