10 Products That are More Likely to be Contaminated

People refer food poisoning to a very unpleasant experience, but in fact it is rather difficult to tell what food is safe as such problems occur relatively rarely.

 The Riskiest Products

Food poisoning can be called a terrible experience with the threat for a person’s life. Moreover, the safety of food is hard to determine because these problems happen very rarely. You can decrease the frequency of this disgusting state knowing what food is potentially dangerous. What is more interesting, the list of FDA-regulated products connected with outbreaks does not change much with every new-coming year. (You can see there seafood, dairy products, eggs, but no meat.)

 It is vital to know about possible risks of such products as well as consume them. Sarah Klein, The Center for Science in the Public Interest attorney, refers them to a healthy diet and states their great popularity.


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