How to Take Good Care of Your Heels

What Are The Causes of Cracked Heels

Even though your heels are taking your weight and being pressured every day, the skin of the heel is actually sensitive and can easily become dry. Without the right treatment, it can lead to cracked heels which are painful. It can make walking and running harder and the risk of getting infection is also high. 

Not enough moisture can be caused by the cold weather, scrubbing the feet hard, using harsh soaps, dehydration and other health conditions like diabetes. Insufficient moisture can lead to dryness and cracks. Cracked heels can also lead to bleeding and it gives opening for the bacteria to penetrate.

Diabetes and obesity are the 2 main risk factors for heel complications. Patients with diabetes may experience damaged nerves in the feet because of high blood sugar levels. Heels also suffer from obesity as the weight is not distributed evenly and can lead to too much pressure and heel cracks. If you are experiencing problems with the skin of your heels, it is already time that you give them extra care.

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