Student Starved Herself to Death to Achieve Kendall Jenner’s Body

Dieted So Hard

Katy Hogged only weighed five stone after she starved herself just so she can achieve the dream “Kendall Jenner” body. The college student lost so much weight that the doctors even warned her that she might die if she took a shower.

The 20-year-old girl was admitted to hospital because of anorexia, a deadly eating disorder. The doctors also mentioned to her that she was very weak that her heart might fail if she tried to shower because of the change in temperature. 

According to Katy, she was so scared when she was first admitted to the unit. “The doctor told me walking would cause too much strain – and I couldn't shower as the change in temperature could cause my heart to fail,” she said. "I was skin and bones. Apparently, I wouldn’t have survived another week without medical help.”

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