Places Will Disappear Forever: Hurry Up to Visit



It seems that the country that produces much fewer greenhouse emissions than others, suffer the hardest consequences. Constantly rising sea levels gradually but though steadily are swallowing Bangladesh territory. According to the latest statistics, 75% of the country is already underwater, which endangered the lives of about 30 million local people.

Straddling the Tropic of Cancer, Bangladesh is exposed to the harsh climate one-third of which is given up to the ruthless monsoon season. This means that the country, which is only 7 feet above sea level, is subject to interminable floods. Add to that other natural calamities, such as the severe rainstorms, violent tornadoes, tropical cyclones, tidal bores that happen a few times a year, and you get one of the most critical situations in the world that threaten to destroy the entire county. The World Bank has estimated that if it keeps on going like that, the sea-level rise will submerge an additional 17% of Bangladesh and displace another 30 million of Bangladeshi.

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