Places Will Disappear Forever: Hurry Up to Visit

Lake Eyre



Because Australia has one of the most erratic climates on the Earth, the county abounds with endangered regions. The reduction in rainfall and the increase in draughts in some areas lead to threatening transformations of the ocean and land. Apart from Queensland, South Australia is another Australian state that contains a rapidly disappearing area.

This area is a Lake Eyre, also known as Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre eco-system. It is a vast salted lake that lies about 15 meters below sea level. Only on the rare occasions, the Lake Eyre is filled with water, and 2019 was the last year, which saw that wonderful moment. The same only occurred four more times over the past 170 years. Evaporation speed in the surrounding environment is so high that most rivers in the basin dry up before reaching the lake. The salinity of Lake Eyre is increasing every year causing a massive kill of all the living organisms that still inhabit its environment. Due to its current sensitive state, the lake and its surroundings are classified as an IUCN Category 6 protected area, which means that though you can still visit it, your sightseeing tour will most likely be limited to the plane excursion.

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