Swimming in the Pool Spoils the Health

The long-awaited season of swimming pools has already come. Everyone is jumping, splashing, swimming, diving, enjoying the nice fresh water. But actually, there is a large source of trouble for health.

Poop bacteria waiting to jump into your body and do nasty things there. The CDC reports that each year poop-related bacteria in swimming pools provoke thousands of disease outbreaks. Everyone can catch them and fall out of normal life for a couple of weeks. But there is good news: HIV and herpes is not the worst thing for the fans to bathe in public pools. They are not transmitted this way. 

But there is a list of diseases after bathing in the pool is long. They all end up with diarrhea. It can take up to 3 weeks. It is terrible to spend ¼ of the summer to stay in the toilet, isn't it? 

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