Doctors' Failure with Cholesterol

Cholesterol has been considered the most terrific boogeyman of the world of health for a long period of time.

It was a vicious cause of people’s heart attacks. It used to be a core of many sitcom jokes, especially depicting a wife to admonish everyone around. It was a threat to avoid anyway.

What is more surprising is the fact that cholesterol is necessary for our organism and our body produces it itself.

Cholesterol belongs to types of fat produced by liver – it is vital for vitamin D creation as well as cell membrane health maintenance.

Consequently, each human does need cholesterol to be a functioning individual and we should thank our body for its production.

Low-Fat Diets Will Make Your Obesity Even Worse

Anitschkow’s findings had a logical leap, which states that consuming foods containing much cholesterol one increases the level of his body cholesterol. Doctors accepted this theory and announced in the 1960s that dietary fats, level of cholesterol in blood and heart diseases are connected with each other. It was confirmed by Dr. Roger Clemens, who used to be the USDA 2010 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee member. All these studies resulted in the advice of the National Institutes of Health to the Americans to decrease the consumption of dietary fat to 30 % of their daily dosage creating the grounds for low-fat passion and persuading a crowd of so-called practitioners of aerobics to visit grocery stores armed with calculators.

It led to a rush to consume only low fat dishes, but natural ingredients were substituted for artificial ones. People took it as a rule to eat only low fat substitutes for their favorite eggs, desserts or pasta and in some time they began to suffer from a nightmare called olestra. Thousands of unsuspecting consumers have experienced olestra, haven’t they?

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