To Santorini or Mykonos? - Well Here is Your Guide for Year 2017 Make Your Choice

Santorini or Mykonos, So where should one go?

An exquisite island where you can have a lot of genuine fun is Mykonos. It would be fair to say that every single city in Greek islands is just magical, and Mykonos Town is one of them.

But if you will decide to visit Santorini then you will always be able to recollect in happy memories about it. The picturesque views are going to blow your mind.

The response to our first question is: it depends on the day you have for a trip, in case you do not have more then 5 days then better visit Santorini. But on the contrary when you have week or even more days for your vacation live a little and go to Santorini and Mykonos. But my advice to you – spend more then a half of your trip in Santorini.

But in case you want a profound and reasonable answer then let me tell you that before making a choice you should decide on what you are interesting in and what do you want to do on the island. Those islands are not alike at all, but they do respect each other and for that matter it would be a marvelous idea to visit each one.

If you are fascinated by:

Honest beauty of the nature, excellent winery, and romantic tours on the boats, picturesque sceneries, and probably it should be a decent thing to mention volcanoes than you just have to visit Santorini.

But if you consider yourself to be a party-animal or you simply adore beaches and fancy nightclubs then do not hesitate for a second and spend all your vacation in Mykonos.

It is widely believed that in Mykonos there are so many nice cafés and restaurants and in Santorini you have al those beautiful beaches plenty cool nightclubs.

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