Easy Steps to be Happy While Working as a Therapist

My professional experience taught me to notice the features that are characteristic of unhappy people as well as reasons that made them get out of their shit and start to enjoy a new life.

Despite the fact that all people are different, each of them can easily achieve the desired happiness, so I want to emphasize the certain traits of really happy people for everyone to take into account.

A happy person will never even think being a mistake of the gods. What I always hear from disappointed customers is a kind of questions: “Will it always happen only to me?”, “Why have I deserved it?”, “I wish I were (inserting a name of a person he finds happy)” etc. Take a risk and there is a guarantee of changes.

Debts, diseases, absence of job, divorce, relatives’ deaths are only some of the inevitable situations thrown to us by life. It is enough to realize this. Happy people are aware of the fact that everything is in flow, so they are not afraid of possible discomfort, stress or changes being ready for them. They avoid any doubts as for the future and never have regrets about the past. Living with the aim at your next accomplishing or desirable purchase can be compared with the obsession of an addict in search of his next hit. Forget about any doubts and enter the university! Struggle for promotion! Create a family! Buy a house and raise kids there! Purchase a summer cottage! Start the repairing! Live today! It is possible to make future plans, but you cannot live in them. The same is with your past – learn from it, though avoid constantly supposing “what if”.

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