Important Vitamins & Supplements to be Healthy



Many inflammatory processes of the skin, including acne and blackheads, occur due to lack of fatty acids omega-3: in this case, disturbed hormonal balance hurts the skin, nails and hair. In medical practice there are cases when the condition of the patients affected by severe psoriasis, was significantly improved in just a week of treatment with high doses of fish oil. Many researchers learn more about properties of Omega-3.

For example, examining lives in Greenland Eskimos, scientists have found that the level of "bad" cholesterol in their blood are much lower than people who live in developed countries, and so they have almost no hypertension, heart attacks, atherosclerosis and other diseases caused by disorders of cholesterol metabolism. The conclusion is simple: every day the Eskimos consume on average 16 g of fish oil natural providing beneficial effect on the heart and the condition of the blood vessels.

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