Planning for Pregnancy and Successful Birth

Proper planning pregnancy affects the speedy and successful conception. But there are questions: How to prepare yourself for pregnancy?

What actions to take for a successful conception? 

Below you will find all the answers.

Everything is much more serious, if you want to become pregnant in the near future.

Statistics show that the chances of getting pregnant this month about 1/4. This applies to the majority of couples worldwide.

The reason for this are many factors:

1. The Main Factor is the Age. 

The chance of getting pregnant depends on the age. It is a proven science and long-term observations of fact. Women after 30 pregnant harder. Therefore, for a successful and speedy conception must be more thoroughly prepared.

2. Menstrual Cycle.

When the menstrual cycle can be traced right time for conception. Usually, the woman feels the onset of ovulation. This occurs approximately in the middle of the cycle after the follicular phase. When an irregular menstrual cycle is more difficult to compute the day of ovulation. There is a general shift of phases of the cycle. Also, a woman can distract bad.

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