After eating a banana we usually try to get rid of its peels - and the sooner, the better. Most of us think of peels as of unnecessary stuff that is not of much help, and only may be good for composting.   In point of fact, a peel of banana might be a pretty useful thing

If you will take time to ponder about your heels, you will realize that they take a lot of pressure. Your heels carry your weight every day.

A 20 year old student only weighed 5 stone (31.7 kg) after starving herself just to have the same body of Kendall Jenner.

Pokemon GO is a popular game, with elements that are close to real life. The game, which recently came to light for many fans. But even more in this game and enemies.

The long-awaited season of swimming pools has already come. Everyone is jumping, splashing, swimming, diving, enjoying the nice fresh water. But actually, there is a large source of trouble for health.

I have been in charge of gyms for more than 7 years already and had to take a break even as a member of the gym for at least four years.

You're 20 years old and your life is not too burdened with problems and stress.

Do you remember your efforts to avoid carbs last year? Local shelter volunteering? Decrease your paychecks up to $500? Avoid judging other people? For sure. What result have you obtained?

Everyone can have crazy productivity. There are people who manage everything and even more than that. They work effectively, earn well and thus have a private time for entertainment. Are there such persons among your friends?

Workday rest should be part of our every hardworking day. But, we are too careless about workday rest.

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