Most of us enjoy having desserts after dinner especially while watching Sunday night movies. However, there are some foods that can affect the body’s ability to have a good night’s sleep when consumed before bedtime.

Every time you train your lower body, you can do three exercises from our list.

We are things that we are eating, the old truth our body shows by the different illness or other non-pleasant things. For example, by the non-healthy overweighting.

Doctors, experts of healthy eating and bloggers insist that you should drink, drink and drink.

Sometimes it happens that people begin a new lifestyle with the change of calendar. Usually it includes health focus. Obviously, the most popular resolutions appear to be “weight loss” and “the ways to be fit and healthy”.

All the necessary stuffs contained in natural foods we eat. If your diet is correct and various, then all the desired substances can be obtained from food.

There are many friends of mine, who call themselves dedicated lifters: having a commitment for gyms they spend much of their time there on a daily basis and pump iron. But 80 % of them do not look like that.

If you're eating for health and not satisfying a whim, you needn’t any diets. It is difficult to understand such attitude toward the meal for modern people.

Cholesterol has been considered the most terrific boogeyman of the world of health for a long period of time.

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