Choosing the right clothes for you is a lot easier when you know exactly what types of clothes work best on your body shape.

Modern media and advertising companies say how is great to look and long to be young.

You had fun yesterday and enjoyed a huge amount of food and alcohol. You didn't think about the next morning.

Many people avoid exercising to get in shape because it takes too much of their valuable time.

My professional experience taught me to notice the features that are characteristic of unhappy people as well as reasons that made them get out of their shit and start to enjoy a new life.

Haven’t you ever experienced a painful choice? Lannisters or Starks? Boxers or trunks? These are only some of our daily choices, but not all of them require the only right answer.

Human skin is a mirror of the body. What we eat reflects directly on it. The doctors can't say what products make skin fresh and retain its youthfulness permanently.

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